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Caddy, Varnish, WordPress, Ubuntu = Fun

Architecture: What’s the point of all this? Why are there so many layers? Why Caddy? The primary goal of this architecture is to massively and immediately improve any given WordPress site with a quick and easy upgrade to HTTP/2, always-on HTTPS, and robust caching and compression middleware. To that end, we can envision a stack that looks something like:


Example of Functional Programming in C++

Functional programming becomes more prominent even in C++ these days, but sometimes the resulting code can feel awkward — especially with all the iterators one has to provide for the STL algorithms. FunctionalPlus (a small header-only library) can help overcome this issue and make your code concise and readable again. This article is targeted towards C++ programmers new to FunctionalPlus and with…

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Install Avro in Arch Linux

Installing ibus Avro is ridiculously hard on later Ubuntu systems (which are later than 12.04 anyway) since the dependency library of the package is outdated. But it’s trivial on Arch like systems (Manjaro KDE works, GNOME doesn’t, don’t know/don’t care why).