Install Avro in Arch Linux

Installing ibus Avro is ridiculously hard on later Ubuntu systems (which are later than 12.04 anyway) since the dependency library of the package is outdated. But it’s trivial on Arch like systems (Manjaro KDE works, GNOME doesn’t, don’t know/don’t care why).

Here’s how:

  • Install base devel with pacaur -S base-devel --needed
  • Avro has unlisted dependency on ibus-table so we need to install it  pacaur -S ibus ibus-table
  • Now we install the ibus git package from aur pacaur -S ibus-avro-git
  • We need to run the daemon with -xdr parameter. In terminal write ibus-daemon -xdr
  • Now GTK apps will work. But in order to run KDE apps we need to envoke this command QT_IM_MODULE= ibus /path/to/file

Now we can get ibus Avro in both GTK and QT apps. Note that Chromium Embedded Framework apps (spotify) won’t register ibus since ibus can’t draw window over container apps.

That’s it!

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